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Clinic Services

Naturopathic Assessment at Natural Health Clinic begins with a careful interview of each individual patient, reviewing their unique medical history and lifestyle. Examination includes both Eastern Medicine diagnostics and Western functional medicine, as well as physical and clinical exams. This may include Lab testing of blood and other body fluids, XRay, MRI, Ultrasound and other special studies may be ordered or reviewed. We also utilize mainland Functional Medicine Diagnostic services for functional assessment of hormone, mineral status, and digestive wellness.

Therapeutic Services include:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Naturopathic Pharmacy & Prescriptions
  3. Prolotherapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections
  4. Musculoskeltal Ultrasound Diagnostics / Needle Guidance
  5. Physical or "Manual" Medicine
    (including specfic spinal and extremity manipulation)
  6. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Therapy
  7. Women's Natural Medicine and
    Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  8. Pediatrics
  9. Massage
  10. Weight Loss Programs


The doctors at Natural Health Clinic have used Prolotherapy for helping patients heal painful conditions and injuries for greater than 15 years.

Prolotherapy, first discovered in the late 1940s, has had a resurgence of interest and research recently, especially in Sports Medicine. It is based on the concept that musculoskeletal and joint pain is due to ligamentous "laxity". The "laxity", or excessive movement, may have various causes.

In the human body, ligaments, tendons and joint capsules connect one bone to another. Prolotherapy is based on the principle that excessive movement of a tendon or ligament within a joint causes pain. This is sometimes caused by injury, daily repetitive movement, or aging. In the treatment of injury, chronic pain and osteoarthritis, ligaments are often the "missing link" or cause of discomfort. Many pain conditions permanently resolve when ligaments, tendons, and joint capsules are repaired using Prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy involves injecting the painful site with a specific nutrient/irritant solution. Examples of conditions treated include knee and foot pain, shoulder pain, elbow tendonitis, and back and neck pain.

Prolotherapy is very effective at eliminating osteoarthritis pain, and healing injuries, both acute and (non healing) chronic. Accurate palpation is essential to identify the exact source of injury. Naturopathic physicians expand on the basic Prolo solution and add nutrients, including MSM, glucosamine sulfate, B12 and procaine. When injected into the exact location indicated by exam and history, it produces an effective healing response.

Prolotherapy is an excellent adjunct to healing after orthopedic surgery as well.

The most important aspect of successful treatment is injecting the solution precisely into the injured and weakened ligaments and joint capsules. This is done effectively by Dr. Dubey, Dr. Greenberg and Dr. Allen at Natural Health Clinic.

The results from the majority of our patients has been excellent. Many old injuries have been greatly helped, if not completely resolved, and acute injuries resolved in a very short time.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Injections

The newest development in Prolotherapy at Natural Health Clinic is the use of a patients' own blood elements injected to heal a painful joint condition. "PRP" is the use of "Platelet Rich Plasma" as the material injected into the painful site. It produces a very strong healing response, with a mix of platelets and plasma injected instead of the standard nutrient/irritant solution. Technically PRP can be referred to as an "Autologous Hemograft."

Both Prolotherapy and PRP have had recent media coverage on ESPN and Health Informational Television, as a viable alternative to surgery for professional and amateur athletes. It is truly a form of regenerative medicine, assisting the body to heal and rebuild connective tissue damage. This could include ligament, cartilage and tendon conditions.

Call Natural Health Clinic at 808 245-2277 for more information, or for an appointment to find out if prolotherapy is appropriate for your condition.